The Wines

Rosso di Caspri IGT Red: Made from young Sangiovese vines, the Rosso has a firm texture and light character which expresses the fruity, rustic character of the vine.
Poggio Cuccule IGT Red: Poggio Cuccule is the driest area of the estate. Here, the old Sangiovese vines flourish on the fine soil, exquisitely absorbing and expressing the terroir – capturing the unique quality of the region.
Caspérius IGT Red: A blend of Sangiovese made from selected Cuccule and Syrah vines. Caspérius is a serious, almost austere wine, which needs time to express its personality. This is a truly delicious wine, with a full body and sumptuous red colour.
Ciliegiolo IGT Red: The Ciliegiolo is a native variety which produces a vivacious wine of unique character: soft, succulent and warm.
Luna Blu IGT White: This blend of local white grapes, Trebiano and Malvoisie, lends itself beautifully to classic wine-making – but also to more unusual methods in white wine production such as maceration. Either way, it remains salty, honest and vivacious in nature.