Vines and vineyards

The earth upon which the vines are grown is made up of light, sandy soils mixed with decomposed gneiss, with a low proportion of clay. The semi-continental climate of this undulating region, despite all of the marine influences, is rainy in the spring, with hot, dry summers.

We opted for traditional grape varieties in order to respect the unique character and to preserve the personality of the Tuscan wines. The majority of the vines are indigenous varieties, such as Sangiovese and the Canaiolo Cillegiolo for reds, Trebbiano and Malvoisia for whites. But we are also conducting small trials of newer varieties, to study the adaptability of Syrah, Grenache and Pinot Noir vines to this environment

Since we started in 2006 we decided to practice organic viticulture throughout the estate. We treat the environment with the respect it deserves by applying the principles of biodynamics. The vines and the soil are treated with herbal teas and decoctions of vegetable extracts which encourage the development of good vegetative growth, whilst discouraging parasites.

Our methods are controlled by Suolo e Salute, a regulatory body for the food industry and the environment.