The Estate

Situated south of Florence, between Siena and Arezzo, the estate comprises of 9 hectares of vineyards and 7 hectares of olive groves, flowing over the gentle hills of the ancient Tuscan countryside.

The Fattoria di Caspri is imbued with a rich history. It was the residence of the Roman General Aelianus Casperius, who gave the estate its name at the beginning of the first millennium. The relics of that ancient era have long since disappeared, and the current building, recently restored, dates from the eighteenth century.

Surrounded by forests, the estate provides the opportunity for biodynamic culturing of vines and olives in an ecosystem that is naturally preserved and protected from external influences.

Our approach reflects our determination to perpetuate the local wine-producing tradition using a method which respects the environment and to make natural wines which express a true reflection of their terroir.

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