As Nature Intended

Caspri Farm

At Fattoria di Caspri we are not your usual winemakers! Our aim is to give you the best nature can produce while respecting it fully. Growing our wines, olives and vegetables with biodynamic cultivation gives us the results you are looking for; the best quality grapes, olives or veggies that produce your wine, olive oil or bottled vegetables. It is our conviction that only complete harmony with Nature, the total absence of chemicals or pesticides can give the best results.

di Caspri

Obtained from young Sangiovese vines, Rosso di Caspri has a firm structure and an airy character, where we can find both the fruity and the rusticity of this wine .

Trebbiano & Malvasia

Luna Blu

Questa combinazione di vitigni bianchi locali, il Trebbiano e il Malvasia, si presta meravigliosamente alle vinificazioni classiche, ma altrettanto alle più straordinarie esperienze, come le macerazioni. Tuttavia, dietro a queste diverse estetiche, esso conserva una spiccata salinità, un’integrità e una vivacità stupefacenti.


Poggio Cuccule

La località chiamata Poggio Cuccule è la zona più arida della tenuta, in cui le vecchie viti di Sangiovese esprimono il territorio attraverso la finezza della grana e la profondità dell’espressione.

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Caspri & Co Selection


A unique project, not afraid to draw on the knowledge and secrets of the best Tuscan and Alsatian winemaking traditions, combining the best Caspri biodynamic grapes with Alsatian Riesling with amazing results.

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Caspri & Co products

Not just wine. On the online shop you will find all the products of our biodynamic garden. Preserves, ratatouille, vegetables in oil: all the first fruits from our farm ready to your table!


Our Wine

Our wine comes from the cultivation of traditional vines, able to portray the true expression of Tuscan wines, such as Canaiolo, Ciliegiolo and Sangiovese for the reds, Malvasia and Trebbiano for the whites. Recently we have tried to widen our cultivation, experimenting the adaptation of different vines not properly native of this area, such as Syrah, Grenache and Pinot Noir, always obtaining remarkable results.

Caspri’s history as a biodynamic farm begins in 2006, with the arrival of the current property. In a short time, what once was an unproductive soil, poor in minerals, now has been flourishing by the use of biodynamic principles which, through the skillful use of decoctions and herbal teas, have restored a correct vegetative processes, giving a new life to our vineyards.


The history behind
our wine


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